Saturday July 31, 2021


The Pneumac series include many different models suited for the needs of some quarries. The model P108-LE is a self-standing unit designed for horizontal line-drilling which is equipped with a Canun 260BWD rockdrill. The P108-L is a modified version of the P112 designed to be installed on a platform for open-pit quarries. The feed-boom is equipped with a boom extension mechanism that allows the operator to position the boom closer to the drilling face and, therefore, ensure straight drilling. The model P212-V of the Pneumac series is a pneumatically operated drill rig designed for vertical "straight-hole" line drilling . The rig is equipped with two (2) rockdrills mounted a feed-boom that travels laterally on a slide . The slide permits the drilling of a series of parallel holes with one set-up. The P400 series are P200 equipped with two feed-booms which are equipped with four (4) rock drills.